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Rick Fogel is a distinguished hammer dulcimer performer, luthier and teacher at festivals and venues across the country. He displays virtuosity in his performance of classical, traditional, Celtic, and original compositions, captivating audiences with his mastery of the hammer dulcimer and his passionate enjoyment of music. Rick plays three hammer dulcimers, with a span of over seven octaves. His musical tastes are diverse, covering a wide range of styles and traditions and changing easily from old-timey to classical. Whether powerful or tender, Rick's music moves the spirit. In 1975, Rick first learned to build and play the dulcimer in Charlottesville, Virginia, after receiving a Master's degree in nuclear physics. He has since founded the Whamdiddle Dulcimer Company, built hundreds of dulcimers, performed and taught workshops on building and playing dulcimers. He collaborated with the Seattle Symphony on a movie score and recording and was featured in a TV documentary for PBS and NHK Japan on the "Craftsmen of the World" series. Details about his dulcimers, recordings, lessons and classes can be found at

Alan has been playing music for most of his life. His formal music training began by playing trumpet in grade school and continued through college playing in concert bands, orchestras, and stage bands like many students. Alan's love for music really started when the British invasion hit America in 1963. He fell in love with the guitar as did many other boys his age who wanted to learn to play the music of the Beatles and other rock and roll bands they heard on the radio. His dad wasn't that impressed, but Alan persevered and eventually talked his dad into buying him a guitar which launched into a life time of singing and playing the guitar and bass. However, Alan's musical interest didn't end with wanting to learn to play the guitar and rock and roll. Playing guitar opened up a whole new world. It provided not only a great freedom of expression but it was applicable to all kinds of music. The rest is history. Alan's musical journey has provided many opportunities to play and direct a variety of musical groups, from church choirs, youth groups, jazz trios, vocal ensembles and of course, rock and roll bands. From secular to music ministry, he has performed for many different types of audiences from churches to night clubs, to Ski resorts and everything in between. His most favorite audiences are found at retirement centers and Washington State prisons. Alan has a vast interest in all styles of music and venues including choral, gospel, Christian, Soul, R&B, Popular, Country rock, Jazz Standards, Gypsy Jazz and folk music. His greatest influences for playing guitar and bass include great guitarists such as Glen Campbell, Django Rinehart, Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Nathan East and Paul McCartney. He was very fortunate to have teachers such as Bill Klein, Harley Brumbaugh, Glenn Lutzenhizer, Del Hartman and many others who helped develop his musical talents and encourage him to always strive to be a good musician, but most of all, to enjoy and share it with others. Alan has been a member of the Issaquah Singers for over two years. He can be found singing tenor when he is not accompanying the choir with his guitar or bass. Alan lives with his wife, daughter, three cats and a dog. He has spent most of his career in computing support and currently works as a computer facilities manager for a major computer group in Bellevue.

Dorothy has been singing in or conducting choirs since she was in kindergarten. She sang in her church choirs from the age of five, started piano lessons when she was eight years old, and organ lessons when she was fourteen. She has served as a church organist, played percussion in junior and high school bands, and was pianist for her high school jazz band. She also accompanied school choirs throughout middle and high schools. In high school she had a brief encounter as a string bass player and started voice lessons, which continued throughout college and beyond. She coached a country band, directed a college glee choir, two church choirs and a hand bell choir prior to Issaquah Singers in 1987. Dorothy holds a Bachelors degree with a double major in Music and Education and a focus in choral conducting from Whitworth University. She has studied under Dr. Frank Green at Washington State University and Dr. Thomas Tavener and Dr. Milton Johnson at Whitworth University. In 1997 she earned a Masters of Education from Seattle University. She inherited a large amount of vintage music from her mother and has added to the collection over the years. She uses this original music to create arrangements for Issaquah Singers.

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​​Loretta started on the Accordion at age 8 while living in New Westminister, British Columbia. After her family moved to the United States in 1949 Loretta studied accordion with Tony Facciuto and voice with Jim Vanderwekin. Loretta played professionally and taught accordion from age 16. After graduation from Everett High School in 1956, Loretta became a Music Major at Everett Junior College and took music classes at the University of Washington while teaching accordion at three music studios. Loretta was also very involved in singing. In addition to singing in her church choir, she was for many years a member of a double quartet and was in demand as a soloist. ​​​By 1967 Loretta and her husband had three children (soon to be 4) and a rapidly growing family business, so she discontinued teaching accordion. Loretta continued to entertain at many functions either as a soloist, an accordionist, or with the double quartet. Since moving to Providence Point in 2002 Loretta has performed as an accordionist at many functions in the area. In 2003 she joined Issaquah Singers and greatly enjoys the music and the fellowship. She brings her endearing love of music to every performance.​

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Susan Lord 



Susan's first instrument was the accordion. A traveling preacher/music teacher visited her parents' farm, tested her siblings and Susan, who was four at the time, and decided she was "musical".  (Susan says it was a good thing he wasn't testing singing ability!)  After about two years of accordion lessons, the choice was presented to continue on the accordion or switch to piano.  Since she was already trying to play the accordion music on the piano, the choice was clear.  Through many lessons and teachers, (her mom was the first), the piano stayed Susan's friend and confidant through two years of college.  Then came marriage, children, and many years of frequent moves. It was not always possible to have her piano with her so for many years, playing was intermittent.  Then Susan took on a job as a church accompanist.  The practicing began again in earnest.  In the late summer of either 1994, a neighbor heard Susan playing and invited her to play for Issaquah Singers.  (Thank you, Ann McCarty!)  Susan has since raised her family, gone back to college, become a grandmother, and now works as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.  The Issaquah Singers have been there through good times and tough times.  Being part of the group changed her life and continues to fill it with the music that she loves and many cherished friendships. 

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​Doug's musical influences were early Country, Rockabilly, Beattle, Stones, Elvis, Surf, Jazz, 60's & 70's rock, & Blues. His early drum influences were jazz drummers, Gene Krupa and Budy Rich. His drum teachers were